Wet Hair Towel Wraps


Wet Hair Towel Wraps.

No more wet towel or hair in your face while you go about your routine.

You get out of the shower and wrap your hair in a towel. As you try to put on your make-up, get coffee or whatever your morning routine, before you dry your hair but the towel keeps slipping off your head. With a Wet Hair Towel Wrap, you don’t have that worry because it stays put. Each one is made from towel material with an elastic loop in the long part and a button to attach it in the back. This allows the towel wrap to stay snugly in place while you continue with your routine.

The Wet Hair Towel Wrap is also great for wet hair after swimming in the pool or at the beach. Also great to use if you have a sauna.

This Wet Hair Towel Wrap will make a wonderful gift, even if that gift is for you.

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Wet Hair Towel Wraps

Multi Colors, Orange Stripes, Pink Purple, White


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