Decorative 18″ Pillow Covers


18 inch Decorative Pillow Covers will make a wonderful addition to your home decor.

Please Note: The item is a pillow cover, does not include pillow insert.

Christmas In July Sale 2022Are you tired of having to figure out what to do with your decorative pillows when you want to change them out for a holiday or season? Then wondering if they will still be fluffy after being put away in a bag or container? I had the same problem so I decided to come up with a solution, pillow covers with zippers. The zipper makes it easy to change the cover by simply using a pillow insert or even a pillow you already have on hand.

On these 18″ pillow covers, I used a 20″ pillow insert to make them a little fuller but you could use an 18″ insert or pillow. They are made from cotton and cotton/polyester fabric making them washable. I wash mine on a gentle circle and lay them flat to dry. You can use a warm iron to press them but be careful around the plastic zipper.

I purchased my inserts through Amazon, but they are also available at Walmart and most fabric stores.

If you have any questions about how to insert the pillow inserts or care of the pillow covers, please contact me.

Please Note: They are pillow covers only and do not include the pillow insert.

Pillow Cover Design 18"

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