Cross Body Tote Bags


Cross Body Quilted Tote Bags. These cross body quilted tote bags with long straps are so convenient to use for hands free shopping and great for travel.

Cross Body, Quilted BOHO Bags, double straps, each bag is lined and has a double pocket. Each side of the pocket is perfect for carrying most Android or I-Phones. The pockets are 8″ wide and approximately 6″ in length. The bags are all approximately 12″ high and 13″ wide. The straps are approximately 38″ from end to end. They are light weight, making them easy to carry. The cross body straps make them great for giving you hands free, easy for traveling or shopping. Snaps can be added at the top to close the bag at no additional cost. Please let me know if you would like the snaps added.

The red and black Asian Inspired Cross Body Bohemian Bag is one of my favorites. I fell in love with the imagery of the material.

Soft pastel colors and sweet Petite Cameos adorn the front and back of the bag. Add in pink polka dots and you have quite a fashion statement with this Quilted Cross Body Bohemian bag.

Angels Choir cross body Bohemian bag. Heavenly Angles floating surrounded by beautiful angel quotes.

Peaceful Angels, beautiful blue sky and soft white doves adorn this Cross Body Bohemian bag. The words on the lining, handles and trim says it all, “Peace Be With You“.

Cross Body Totes/Bags

Angels Choir, Asian Inspired, Heavenly Angels, Petite Cameo


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